Jorge Felli Arquitectos

Architect  Jorge Felli’s studio – established in 1972 –, is devoted  to works of architectural and interior design, making a synthesis between the two disciplines.

His challenge is to consolidate “works specially tailored to suit the individual needs of each client”.

There are works that appeal to style, in which the idea is to show an updated historical language both in the choice of forms and materials, and in the decoration objects preference.

There are more abstract projects that avoid historical references, in which we work with sleek lines and stripped volumes.

In both cases, the common denominator is the strong impact and studied balance of the spaces created.

The firm makes daily tracking of the projects during the entire process.

For the execution, we have two teams,each of them involved during a different step of the project. The first team concretes the strenght for the start up instance, and the second one is obsessively concentrated in termination and details.